Thursday, 9 July 2009

sleep? dreams? anger?

Okay, dreams, second time I visited a fairground in three nights. Any ideas what this one means? your guess is as good as mine.
A little mad today, that still no flowers or lving reactions. I get sex quick and fast, and I get hugs and cuddles.
Got a bit mad he cannot wait to see me topless on holiday? what does that mean? as he flirted with everyone else and wanted to see them topless, does it mean he's still a lech and perv like other men? or does it mean he wants to lech and perv over his wife which could be a good thing? and then your mind drifts on to what a pig you are with, and the bad things he's done to you.

I should be saving the relationship and moving on-forget the past right?

Work still good tho, and kids are fab x

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