Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Sessions and the day

and today?
Talked through everything with my husband, had to write down my dreams as counsellor instructed.
What were my dreams?
Looks like this on paper:
Working hard til late, had to leave early because the world was full of white monkeys that would catch you on the way to the parked cars. and they were not nice monkeys.

Now what the hell does that mean?
Also supposed to write down how I feel when Im with my husband, when Im about to meet him, and when Im thinking about him.
Thats harder than the dream bit.

Today, work, lots of babies hand and foot cast to finish, need the money in to pay the bills.
Love my work, but wish I had the freedom and finance to create more.
Had a gorgeous mail from a client who collects serious artist's work. I want more chances to create-they have backed my work.
Never mind-bit of music and sunshine-I'll be happy to work!

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